Start date: 14 June 2024
EURO 2024
Place your bet on EURO 2024 tournament with best odds! You can place an ordinary bet on the outcome of an individual match or take a risk and make an express bet on several outcomes to multiply your winnings!
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UEFA Euro Betting Odds

The UEFA tournament is one of the most popular quadrennial football events. Given the prestige, Euro is considered second to the FIFA World Cup among other international football tournaments. Our bookmaker offers a secure and convenient betting environment, so you may enjoy Euro betting from any device you want and use multiple standard/special wager types. Our odds for the Euro 2024 are among the highest as we aim to be the market leader.

Euro Betting Lines and Markets

GG.Bet allows you to wager on all matches of the championship, including qualifying and final matches. More cautious customers may benefit from pre-match Euro 2024 betting, while seasoned fans can try their luck and predict the outcomes of live events. Check out the most popular betting markets you can use while wagering on UEFA games:

  • 1x2. It is a simple betting market where you predict the overall result of a match. You may choose whether the game will end in a Draw, Away win, or Home win.
  • Double Chance. Compared to the previous market, you can predict only 2 of 3 possible outcomes. For example, there may be a Home win or Draw.
  • Draw No Bet. This wager type further narrows down your options. You can choose between an Away win or a Home win.
  • Correct Score. Simply predict the final result of the match. This bet offers high odds, but it is usually very risky.
  • Both Teams To Score. Here, a bettor guesses whether both teams will score goals during a game.
  • Over/Under. It is another advanced bet where you predict whether the final score will be over or under the predetermined value (set by a bookmaker).

If you know rules well as well as teams’ performances, you may try Prop bets. They are related to specific events within the particular game. For example, you may predict whether French team will get a Yellow Card, which team will score a goal first, how many penalties will be by the end of the game between Germany and England, and more.

Get the Best Euro 2024 Winner Odds

After registering you get access to multiple outright bets on the Euro 24 winner. Together with competitive Euro 2024 odds and detailed statistics, you have a high chance of making a well-informed decision that will bring you a solid cash prize!

Favourites for Euro 2024: Who to Predict?

In the upcoming Euro 24, there will be 24 participating teams. But only three of them are clear favourites: England (+351), France (+355), and Germany (+615). Below, you can check out the main reasons why these teams are among the favourites. However, it is possible to get good Euro betting odds on other teams as well, because the smaller the chance, the higher the size of the odds.


England boast one of the best strikers in the world in Harry Kane, who has a direct impact on the team's chances of winning. What’s more, the team has a young and powerful Jude Bellingham, who is considered a top midfielder in the world. Finally, England has already qualified with minimal mistakes and was able to get 20 out of a possible 24 points.


Despite the frankly questionable results of the team over the past 10 years, Germany is capable of making a breakthrough. The Germans are ineligible to qualify for the tournament and have won only three of 11 international friendlies.

At the same time, it is known that Julian Nagelsmann will be the one who will lead the team to Euro-2024. Featuring one of the best Euro odds, Germans still have enough strength and can become a serious opponent if they reach the playoffs.


This team is the vice-champions of the World Cup that only lost the heartbreaking final to Argentina. During qualifying, the French took an impressive 22 out of a possible 24 points and scored 29 goals in eight games. Kylian Mbappe, who is getting better every day, deserves special attention. If you bet on Euro and pick France as a favourite, you should not forget a powerful squad as well, into which a lot of new blood is infused.

Recent European Championship Winners

Year Host Winner Top Scorer Total Goals
2020 Italy England Cristiano Ronaldo (5) 142
2016 France Portugal Antoine Griezmann (6) 108
2008 Ukraine/Poland Spain Fernando Torres, Mario Balotelli (3) 76
2004 Austria/Switzerland Spain David Villa (4) 77
2000 Portugal Greece Milan Baroš (5) 77