Overwatch Betting


Why Bet on Overwatch Esports? Epic Odds, Bonuses, and HD Live Streams!

Overwatch is one of the most popular esports known for its enticing gameplay and blended gameplay which brings together first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arena games. GGBet is the undisputed home of Overwatch betting thanks to our market betting odds, extensive markets, and exclusive bonuses. Sign up in under 5 minutes, pull up a live stream, and take advantage of over 20 different Overwatch bet types!

What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a hero shooter that was released back in 2016 and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Over 10 million games from all over the world play this game every month. The highest level of Overwatch is the Overwatch League. This international competition features teams from China, South Korea, the US, Canada, and France. Some teams worth keeping an eye on are the Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, and Shanghai Dragons.

Overwatch is a 6v6 multiplayer game. It is most similar to Valorant and combines elements of first-person shooters and MOBAs as the characters have special powers but players still need to rely on aiming and shooting. The objective of the Overwatch game is to destroy the rival team and capture their flag without losing your own flag.

What are Your Overwatch League Betting Options?

GGBet has incredibly extensive Overwatch betting markets with over 20 different bet types to choose from. Here are the most popular Overwatch bets you can place instantly:

  • Match winner - Predict which Overwatch team will win the match. For example, you can bet on the Florida Mayhem to beat the Boston Uprising.
  • Over/under - Predict whether a certain in-game Overwatch stat will be higher or lower than GGBet’s line.
  • Futures - Predict which Overwatch team will take home the OWL trophy. For example, bet on the Dallas Fuel to win the playoffs.

The action never stops at GGBet. Deposit instantly and use your massive welcome bonus to bet on Overwatch League matches using GGBet’s own money. Don’t forget to try out a variety of different bet types until you find your lucky one!

How to Make Your First Overwatch Bet?

Making Overwatch bets at GGBet could not be easier. To jump straight into the action and start picking winners follow these steps:

  • Sign up to GGBet
  • Add funds to your account
  • Click on Overwatch
  • Select an Overwatch match
  • Select from over 20 different bet types
  • Enter your bet amount and hit Confirm!

The OWL is already exciting but when you combine it with Overwatch betting it becomes one of the most thrilling esports competitions on the planet. To improve your chances of winning your next bet make sure you spend some extra time doing research. You should watch previous Overwatch games and analyze the different players. You also need to view match stats such as head-to-head record and record over the previous 5 games.

What Overwatch Tournaments Should You Bet On?

At GGBet you can stream and bet on all games from the legendary Overwatch League! Here are the best Overwatch tournaments to bet on:

  • Summer Showdown
  • Mid Season Madness
  • Kickoff Clash
  • Countdown Cup
  • Playoffs

Sign up to GGBet in less than 5 minutes, claim your epic welcome bonus, deposit instantly, and bet on Overwatch. We have hundreds of matches throughout the year to choose from and over 20 different bet types!