The first DPC open qualifiers are over in all regions

The first DPC open qualifiers are over in all regions

On December 11-12, open qualifiers for Western Europe, SEA, Eastern Europe, North America and South America were held. In China the organizers managed to run two open qualifiers.

All the open qualifiers were held in the same format: a single-elimination bracket with best-of-1 games and best-of-3 decisive last matches.

The winners of the first open qualifiers

Western Europe

Old G (No[o]ne-, Topson, Ceb, MSS, N0tail)

Monaspa (Nande, W1sh-, Skylark, dEsire, SsaSpartan)


Drink Water (Meracle, xsilearn, zeal, khishka, RR)

Team M11 (Ifr1t!, Ramz, bfl, ikan-_-koki, Juju)


Ybb Gaming (Lou, 7e, Beyond, 天命, zzq)

iG.Vitality (ukiyo, Summer, LMF, imitator, sj)

Eastern Europe

HYDRA (dream`, Worick, Cloud, Lefitan, HappyDyurara)

Hot Headed Gaming (Dingo, Moonlight, MikSa`, August`, Cold)

North America

CDUB Esports (Double King, Mark, islA, AfrOmoush, Sanctified)

monopoly (Megabauss, AlienManaBanana, kagami, iLØVEtoBUYBACK, MOO7)

South America

Team Insane (focco, SHEOL, Rewite-, kym, Nanako-)

Balrogs (DCMC, Ñengo, drakesh1t, Demon, Shaka)

The winners of the second open qualifiers in China:

The next three rounds of open qualifiers will take place from December 13 through December 18. Closed qualifiers, which will determine the new second division teams, will be held December 19-22.