HUNDEN becomes Astralis head analyst

HUNDEN becomes Astralis head analyst

Astralis announced a change in the coaching staff.

HUNDEN has joined the team as head analyst. The Dane began playing CS at the professional level in 2009 and continued to play until April 2020, at which point he changed his role from player to coach.

While coaching Heroic, HUNDEN received a ban from ESIC for using a camera bug. The original ban was for 12 months, but then ESIC reduced the duration of the ban to 8 months because HUNDEN was helping the investigation. But in addition to ESIC, HUNDEN also received a ban from Valve for 5 majors.

HUNDEN returned to coaching after the ESIC suspension expired in April 2021, but a few months later Heroic terminated the coach's contract. The club accused HUNDEN of spreading confidential information, and as a result of the ESIC investigation into the episode, the coach received a two-year ban.

The current Astralis head coach is casle, who previously coached Astralis Talent and was promoted in December 2022. The team's analyst until December 2022 was LOMME, but he parted ways with the Astralis.