Tundra Esports parts ways with Nine
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Tundra Esports parts ways with Nine

Tundra Esports has announced the departure of their position 4 support player. Previously, Nine had played as a mid-laner.

The player himself stated that he would be taking an extended break from competitive Dota 2. The duration of this hiatus has not been disclosed. It is also not yet reported who will replace Nine in the lineup or whether Tundra Esports will make other changes to the team.

The current roster of Tundra Esports includes four players: skiter, Topson, 33, Sneyking.

Nine joined Tundra Esports in January 2021 and, together with the team, won The International 2022 and finished third at the Bali Major 2023. At The International 2023, the team placed in the 13th-16th bracket after a loss to Entity in the first round of the lower bracket.