DreamLeague Season 23 Schedule. Groups. Day 1
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DreamLeague Season 23 Schedule. Groups. Day 1

On May 20, the DreamLeague Season 23 matches will commence. In the first stage of the tournament, 12 teams will compete for 8 slots in the playoffs.

The 12 participants are divided into 2 groups, where each team will play against every other team in a round-robin format. All matches are best-of-2.

Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in their groups will start the playoffs in the upper bracket, while teams finishing 3rd and 4th will enter the lower bracket. The remaining teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

The double-elimination playoffs will begin on May 23 and will be played in a best-of-3 format. The grand final will be best-of-5.

The prize pool for DreamLeague Season 23 is $1,000,000 and 26,100 ESL Pro Tour points, with the winner receiving $300,000.

Schedule for May 20