DreamLeague Season 19 playoffs teams are set
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DreamLeague Season 19 playoffs teams are set

The Group Stage #2 matches of DreamLeague Season 19 were completed on the evening of April 20th. As a result, four playoff teams have been determined.

Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators made it to the upper bracket - the teams finished 1st and 2nd in the group with 6-1 records. In the second round, Team Liquid lost only to Gaimin Gladiators, while the Gladiators lost only to Shopify Rebellion. Shopify Rebellion and Tundra Esports finished 3rd and 4th in the group and were placed in the lower bracket.

All DreamLeague Season 19 playoffs games will be best-of-3, while the Grand Final will be best-of-5. The tournament has a $1,000,000 prize pool and the winner will receive an invitation to the Riyadh Masters in addition to $300,000 in prize money.

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