ALWAYSWANNAFLY Becomes Coach of Monte
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ALWAYSWANNAFLY Becomes Coach of Monte

Monte has announced that they have reached an agreement with ALWAYSWANNAFLY, who will be coaching their Dota 2 roster.

Monte unveiled their Dota 2 roster in early December, featuring Crystallize, Moonlight, INFERNAL, geO`ZziZi, and EcNart.

ALWAYSWANNAFLY began his professional playing career in 2011 and made his coaching debut in September 2022 with Talon Esports. The team placed 17th-18th at The International 2022.

Afterward, ALWAYSWANNAFLY spent two months with Team SMG, and since March 2023, he has been without a permanent team, occasionally playing for teams as a temporary substitute.

Currently, it is unknown which tournament will be Monte's first with ALWAYSWANNAFLY as coach.