Nertz leaves Endpoint to join ENCE

Nertz leaves Endpoint to join ENCE

ENCE have announced that they have signed a player to replace the recently benched valde.

Nertz, 23, from Israel, becomes the team's fifth player. Nertz started his professional career in 2015, and has spent the last two years with Endpoint. With the team, the player won the ALL IN Series, qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 16 but finished last, and won the ESL Premiership Spring 2022 and ESL Premiership Fall 2022.

Valde left the ENCE main roster on February 14th. The club then announced that HENU from the ENCE Academy would temporarily become the team's fifth player.

The updated ENCE roster: Snappi, dycha, maden, SunPayus, Nertz.