DPC Closed Qualifiers Ends in All Regions

DPC Closed Qualifiers Ends in All Regions

On December 23, the last matches of the closed regional qualifiers were played. The participants of the DPC Division II leagues were determined in 6 regions.

The top two teams from each region were decided. DPC Divisions II will begin January 30-31 and end February 18-21.

Winners of closed qualifiers

Western Europe

Ooredoo Thunders: TA2000, No!ob, Wuiter, OmaR, kaori

Monaspa: Nande, W1sh-, Skylark, dEsire, SsaSpartan

Eastern Europe

HYDRA: dream, Worick, Cloud, Lefitan, HappyDyurara

Sigma.YNT: v1olent, foryou, kur0patbI4, queezy小个子, VANSKOR


Ybb Gaming: Lou, 7e, Beyond, 天命, zzq

Outsiders from CN: Xm, Echo, Srf, Yds, Outside


Drink Water: Meracle, xsilearn, zeal, khishka, RR

SPAWN Team: jikroy, MamangDaya, Red, dalul, TraVins

North America

Legacy: boris, red2, Lil_Nick, Giant, pingu

Fart Studios: BSJ, iAnnihilate, Jenkins, Newsham, SoNiC

South America

Balrogs: DCMC, Ñengo, drakesh1t, Demon, Shaka

Lava Esports: Simple, Lumpy, Arkano, N1ght, JimmyCoff666