Heroes of the Storm Betting


Why Bet on Heroes of Storm at GGBet?

Heroes of Storm is a super exciting MOBA released by Blizzard. The game is known for its fantastic graphics and exciting gameplay. At GGBet, you can bet on epic weekly tournaments and enjoy over 20 different bet types. We consistently have the best odds and have awesome bonuses for new and existing players. To get started, create your account in under 5 minutes and deposit instantly!

What Is Heroes of Storm?

Heroes of Storm is a multiplayer battle online arena game. It is a 5V5 game, and the objective is to use your hero’s special abilities to kill the enemy and crush their base. The game is similar to League of Legends and Dota 2.

Heroes of Storm may not be as popular as other top MOBA games, but it still has a strong esports scene and 100,000 unique monthly players. At GGBet, you can make Heroes of Storm bets on a number of exciting tournaments throughout the year.

What Are the Best Heroes of Storm Bets Types at GGBet?

GGBet has the most Heroes of Storm bet types of any site. You can make over 20 different Heroes of Storm bets, including:

  • Match winner - Bet on your favorite team to win their next match
  • Futures - Predict which Heroes of Storm will win a tournament
  • Most kills - Bet on a particular player or team to record the most kills in a match
  • Live betting - Bet on Heroes of Storm matches as they are being played

There is always amazing Heroes of Storm betting action at GGBet. Throughout the year you can bet live and stream world-class tournaments from across the world!

How Does Heroes of Storm Betting Work?

Heroes of Storm betting is simple! All you need to do is place money on your favorite team and hope they win! To place your first bet at GGBet today, follow these steps:

  • Sign up to GGBet
  • Add funds to your account
  • Select Heroes of Storm
  • Pick a Heroes of Storm match
  • Choose a bet type
  • Select your stake size and hit confirm!

To boost your chances of winning your first bet, remember to do some research. Watch some previous matches and study game stats. Also, don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus!

What Are the Best Heroes of Storm Tournaments To Bet On?

Heroes of Storm has a thriving esports scene with regular tournaments that feature 6 figure prize pools. Here are some of the most exciting Heroes of Storm tournaments to bet on:

  • World Championship
  • Heroes International
  • Community Clash League

If you want to get the most lucrative promos and market-beating Heroes of Storm odds, sign up to GGBet in just a few minutes, put in a deposit, claim your welcome bonus and make winning bets today!