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CS GO is considered one of the most elite esports in the world. It has incredibly passionate fans and live tournaments have a football match atmosphere. The game is extremely competitive and tournaments are super exciting to watch thanks to the easy-to-grasp fast-paced action.

At GGBet you can stream and live on all CS GO Majors as well as local qualifying tournaments. GG Bet CS GO betting markets feature hundreds of yearly tournaments including your favorites like the BLAST and Intel Extreme series. To hop straight into the action create your GGBet account in just a few minutes, deposit instantly and claim your massive welcome bonus!

What Is CS GO?

CS GO is one of the most popular esports on the planet. It is a 5v5 first-person shooter game that is known for its detailed and exciting maps, epic graphics, and amazing shooting mechanics. CS GO features fast-paced and simple action that is still challenging enough to keep experienced players coming back for more. The objective of this esport is to eliminate the enemy while planting the bomb if you are on the terrorists’ team or defusing the bomb if you are playing as a counter-terrorist.

Despite being released way back in 2012 by developer Valve, CS GO still continues to grow in popularity. Currently, over 30 million unique gamers play this first-person shooter every single month. CS GO has a well-developed esports scene with international tournaments being held regularly across the world. The top CS GO tournaments are known for their Majors, which are tournaments held 2 to 3 times a year in different cities, are sponsored by Valve, and feature a minimum prize pool of $1 million.

Some of the best CS GO teams include FaZe Clan, Outsiders, Heroic, G2 Esports, and Natus Vincere. These teams regularly win big tournaments and always put on a show for their fans. Some of the most skilled CS GO players include S1mple (Natus Vincere), N1ko (G2 Esports), and Twistzz (FaZe Clan).

Popular CS:GO Esports Tournaments

In the world of esports, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) stands as one of the most popular and competitive games. Several annual tournaments showcase the game's tactical depth, strategic gameplay, and the high skill ceiling of its players.

ESL Pro League

The ESL Pro League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in professional CS:GO. It is organized by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and features top-tier teams from around the world. With large prize pools and a global fanbase, the ESL Pro League is a highlight of the esports calendar.

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM)

Another marquee event on the CS:GO calendar is the Intel Extreme Masters. Recognized for its international scale and high-caliber competition, IEM showcases the best teams on a global stage with significant prestige and substantial prize money at stake.


The FACEIT Major tournaments are significant for their ‘major’ status, awarded by the game's developers, Valve Corporation. This status guarantees a massive prize pool and global recognition, making the FACEIT Major a sought-after victory for any professional team.

Blast Premier

Blast Premier is a CS:GO tournament series known for its innovative format and high-stakes matches. In addition to a hefty prize pool, Blast Premier also offers teams a shot at the Global Final, where the world’s best teams compete for the title of world champion.

These are just a few of the competitive stages where CS:GO esports athletes perform breathtaking feats of strategy, skill, and teamwork. As the esports industry continues to grow, so too does the prominence and prestige of these tournaments.

What Are the Best CS GO Esports Bet Types You Can Make?

Did you know at GGBet you can enjoy over 20 different bet types? We have the most extensive CSGO live betting anywhere in the world! You can bet on all aspects of a CS GO game and effortlessly implement your custom betting strategy. Check out some of the top CS GO esports betting options below:

  • Moneyline – Predict which CSGO team will win their next match. For example, place money on Team Vitality to crush G2 Esports.
  • First blood – Bet on your favorite CS GO player to score the first kill in a game. For example, bet on Twistzz to score the first kill.
  • Match duration – Predict the match length of a CS GO game. This bet is presented as an over/under. For example, if the line is set at 37 minutes and you take the under you win if the match lasts 36 minutes and 59 seconds or less.
  • Most kills – Guess which player or team will score the most kills. For example, bet on Natus Vincere scoring more kills in their match against FaZe Clan.

Before you take advantage of the world-class CSGO GG Bet markets make sure you research the different teams and players. You should watch previous matches and pour over match stats. You need to identify the most skilled players/teams and understand why they are so successful. Some key stats worth checking out include head-to-head record, record over previous matches, average match length, and the average number of skills scored. This extra research will improve your win rate!

How To Make Your First GGBet CS GO Bet?

At GGBet we have simplified the betting process so you can start picking winners right away. We only require the least amount of information possible and process deposits instantly! To create your GGBet account in less than 5 minutes and make your first bet follow these steps:

  • Create your account
  • Deposit instantly via debit and credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer
  • Select CS GO
  • Pick from dozens of daily matches including every game from all Majors
  • Choose from over 20 bet types including money line, first blood, and match duration
  • Pick your stake size and hit confirm!

CS GO betting does not have to be complicated! Simply place money on your favorite team and hope they win. For example, bet on G2 Esports in their match against Outsiders and if they are victorious your winnings will be instantly credited to your betting account. Before you make your first wager analyze the different CSGO betting odds as these will reveal your return on investment and your implied probability.

What Are the Best CS GO Tournaments To Bet On?

GGBet has hundreds of CS GO tournaments to bet on throughout the year including every Major. You can stream and bet on these events at GGBet right now:

  • Intel Extreme
  • ESL

Do you want the best CSGO betting odds? Do you want to live stream every single Major? Then sign up to GGBet and claim your massive welcome bonus now!